I’m learning to bring the stress to the Lord instead of eating away my troubles. (If you read my other blog, you know that my husband and I have launched a “fiscal freeze” for several months while we save the down payment for our first home. Well, after I turned fifty, that started to change. Already a member? It was massive, but I read it over Thanksgiving day 2012. You’ll find foods, spices, purist superfoods, and even fun accessories and appliances. Once we discovered my thyroid difficulties in February of this year, I began making drastic changes in my supplements, diet, and exercise, and after months of hard work and determination, the picture on the right is my reward. I downloaded the kindle version and jumped in head first. that was just an incredible bonus! My best friend, Felicia W., began telling me about this diet called Trim Healthy Mama. I eat more E's than S. I never cheat... only treat! There are only two books ever written that have changed me. I couldn't have done this without you! ... Where to begin… Thankful for 2.5 years with THM. He was convinced that the surgery would save my life and get the Lupus to go into remission. *My skin feels soft - no weird lumpies anywhere! Interested in saving 10% on your next THM store purchase? I have always been overweight. Same baby, but a lot less hip to hold him on! Get the FREE weekly podcast, FREE quarterly eZine and all other THM news and sales info: Sign up HERE. Where to begin… I graduated high school weighing 210 lbs. . . I’ve also wasted a ton of money buying workout videos that I would sit and WATCH, all while downing an entire bag of peanut M&M’s! Going from a size 12 to a size 2 I discovered those ugly words... diastisis recti. for me began as a desperation to have relief from chronic pain, especially legs/knees and to be free from food addiction. Hoping to be an encouragement to others. We've lost a combined total of 100+ lbs. Also, remember, you are only eating for one! Whoooooohooooooo!! Think you don't like green smoothies? I was prediabetic and showing signs of hypoglycemia, I was a mess. amazing! NO fertility medications or interventions, 2 months on Trim Healthy Mama, and BAM! ;-) But they have done amazingly well . Was having good success and my oldest so... Just wanted to share a Trim Healthy Mama Non Scale Victory. The Trim Healthy Mamas, Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison, made Chicken Jalapeno Popper Soup. More importantly, I feel so much better! For Customer Service Issue please call 931-996-4283) I hope to be at my goal by this time next year. Living day in and day out in excruciating pain with no hopes of ever improving felt hopeless. After my 3rd, it took me 12 months to lose everything. The Bible has saved my soul and Trim Healthy Mama has saved my life. It wasn't perfect and I sure had a lot of chicken salad, since it was easy to make, but it was possible to stay on plan through it all. I do not know the exact amount he has lost, but he has started running too, which has helped, and is now forcing us to modify his diet again to accommodate this new exercise regime. I have about 10-15 more pounds I would like to lose and I know I will get there in time! I am posting early since Thanksgiving is around the corner and I'm very Thankful the Lord led me to this plan. She was searching for answers back then, and had been doing so for many years. My weight loss drastically slowed, but the inches began falling off as I lost fat and added muscle. I love Trim Healthy Mama! About three years ago she quit sugar, cold turkey. The numbers aren't moving, but my clothes are looser. seemed appropriate to dress up as Wonder Woman. We went to the lake that is close to us where we spend a lot of our summer days and today happened to be the first day we've made it up there this summer vacation. . Some of you mentioned that your husbands were going on the plan with you. But it did remind me that 5 years ago it was my favorite mind numbing drug of choice along with any other processed carb in my fridge or pantry. Eat every three hours. Trim Healthy Mama 5006 Harding Place Nashville, TN 37211 Ph: 629-888-9113 (*Retail inquiries only. I've struggled for so many years on so many plans. Every single thing I've made from Trim Healthy Mama/Trim Healthy Table they have gobbled up (hubby and daughter, too). You will be able to use your skills as a teacher, coach and encourager to help others learn the principles of THM, which help many people heal, lose weight, become healthy, and find food freedom. Here's an inspiring testimony and some great tips to start your New Year from a THMer of 2 Years! Age: 48 When the weight didn’t come off despite my attempts at eating better and exercising, I figured that I was destined to be heavy. My autoimmunes with the constant swelling, bloating, and puffiness are in check. I began to lift heavy in the gym 6 days a week. I feel so much better, have more energy and can get up off the floor without having to crawl to the couch first to pull myself up. I can always find something to eat no matter where I go. , Enter Trim Healthy Mama ! Hi! Trim Healthy Mama has given me my life back. . it's fun when the oldest one can take back hand-me-down clothes he gave to the younger one! It's about learning what makes you healthy, feel great and look good.ÊThanks Pearl and Serene!". . I graduated high school feeling like I had failed myself. she did so much more than help my son . I started this program at the end of April. If you're looking for help with the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle, you're in the right place! Together we've lost over 100 pounds now (76 for me total), and I'm slowly gaining with my next pregnancy. THM isn't about trying to be someone you're not. From a 44 pants size to a 36! I’m an emotional eater, and that doesn’t go away over night, I struggle most on stressful days. Enter my adult years and the man I’d always prayed for… Mainly because I was so proud to fit in the seats! This is strictly cutting out sugar and letting my gut heal up. And you know what I've found? Since February 2015, I’ve lost 100 lbs. *Recently did bone density scan - and my bone density is off the charts good! I am now 41 years young and feel better than I did in my 20s. I had started a new job that required an incredible amount of walking, with an amazing, supportive supervisor! Not too bad (and yes, I do joke I have a dense molecular structure - related to Superman, *grin*) and that bone density result just reinforces it! I had tried EVERYTHING to lose weight, including working out so hard at the gym that I partially tore tendons. *My varicose veins - are all but gone! So I started out just trying to lose weight on my own by watching what I ate. I really had to build up to being excited about this! The first pic is me at one of my heaviest times (in 2010). I knew I had to change my diet, but like many others, I had tried and done all the diets, plans, shakes, pills, you name it, I'd done it and had a story to tell about it. My body immediately responded to the changes I was making, and I've never looked back. The Poddy podcasts. ", Getting Smaller. If God could change my mess, I wanted to document it. It isn't about following someone else's menu or plan. Finally, in May of this year, I invested in the Workins program. Then only 4 and a half months later, I discovered that I was pregnant with son number 5. I'd been overweight for all of my adult life, and I weighed in at my highest weight of 328.4 lbs. . I decided suicide would be the best for everyone but I’m a Christian and knew God would be pretty ticked off if I took the easy way out. As Trimhealthymama, you will be able to start your own business and provide these services to your friends, family and community. . . Was having good success and my oldest son, 17, wanted to do it with me. Well, with lots of praying and fertility shots and treatments, we were blessed with them. . . And she honestly agreed with me. But with THM, every mouthful is nourishing and healing. This time around, months passed by without ANY progress. We need to buy him a smaller pair of swim trunks--last year's are huge on him! . . . Whatever you are doing food wise I am ready to jump in. When I first started, I felt completely overwhelmed and like I would never reach my goal. My hope and prayer is that God would use me just as I am to encourage others as others have done for me! . *I have plenty of energy . I also have celiac disease and Waardenburg Syndrome (only have GI involvement, interestingly, I'm hearing, not Deaf.). I admit, it took longer than I wanted, but it happened and I'm so glad I started! Husband update: 54 pounds gone! What I’m trying to say is if I can YOU can! In February of 2015, I discovered the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan and figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. I was all over the place with how to get healthy and loose weight! For more information, visit www.trimhealthymamas.com, Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison give us a First Look Inside the Trim Healthy Mamas New Retail Store. It is by the grace of God that at 48 I am able to do more things than I could 20 years ago. Log In to enjoy your discount now. Once we discovered that, I researched and found that I needed to go completely dairy and gluten free. . Trim Healthy Mama. *Off all thyroid meds (I have both graves' and hashimoto's). I downloaded the kindle version and jumped in head first. Anyway, I have lost about 17 lbs and have been eating more variety of foods than ever before. So that didn't last. I used to have chronic migraines and now I rarely get them. God believes you’re worth it and so do I. Isn’t it time to believe in yourself? it's part of the package. I've lost 70lbs and have been maintaining my goal weight for about 6 months. Thank you, Trim Healthy Mama for this awesome way of eating! Enter year 2, things at work went crazy, my 3 kids were in various activities, I had to get a certification at work, my husband started dealing with anxiety, I was working out less and less. Don't miss the opening of the Trim Healthy Mamas' retail store, located at 5006 Harding Place near I-24. . if anything I can eat my weight in spinach and eggs first thing in the morning. What a difference a year makes. THM Products . "It's my 2 year Trimmiversary! even not working out. Since March we have lost over 110 lbs combined! *My breast tissue is no longer very dense - the technician actually thought she had the wrong films from previous scans, my tissue is so textbook looking now! (Not ideal, but survivable for a time.) Some of my favorites are the THM Lazy lasagna, Swedish meatballs, and the pancakes! . THAT THM LIFE THOUGH . Right here, right now!' I started Trim Healthy Mama on 9/28/15 and haven't looked back since. Well it came to the point that I could barely leave the house due to the debilitating pain; I knew I had to do something. . Ladies, this is something that I never thought I'd post. Have I always... Today marks my 2-year Trimmiversary and 65 pounds gone forever. I could eat pasta. I realized that I passed my two year trimmiversary on 8/22/2016. I don't care if I ever lose that last 11 pounds. Thank you Pearl & Serene!! Crackers, Chips and Pizza Crusts. . I stopped smoking the same month and my weight fluctuates up and down 5 pounds. It was taken the ... Wow. . Log In to enjoy your discount now. Regular store hours are Monday through Friday 10am to 4pm. But the Spirit of God set me free. Have I always been perfect? I'm so glad you're here! I went from a 16/18 pant to a 4/6 and a XL/1X top to a small. she changed my family tree. January of last year, a doctor told me I would never ovulate on my own and if I got pregnant through fertility treatments I would be a shoe in for a high risk pregnancy. Many times I begged God “Give me the strength to take just one more step!” Find something you enjoy and don’t stop. What a difference a year makes when you keep sticking to it!! He is the pickiest eater you will ever meet in your life, but so far, using the THM principles he has lost 56 pounds and counting. … I didn't have limits or feel like I needed to starve. That way I am not reaching for off plan items when I need a sweet treat. Feeling Stronger – A Journey Back To ME!”. It wasn’t until I discovered Trim Healthy Mama last summer that I finally felt hope. “The Poddy” is the name of Pearl and Serene’s raw, unfiltered, unedited podcast host by “a guy named Danny.” The weight began to effortlessly drop, and by July, I had lost an additional 56.8 lbs! I had a 55 pound regain from my original 135 pound loss. My 6th baby is 3 1/2 and I have been working hard on closing that abdominal gap, feeling strong and proving that age is a mere number! Trim Healthy Mama lists Free Shipping Policy related information on them website. God heard my cry all those years and answered it through a Facebook friend who had “liked” a page called Trim Healthy Mama. It takes living each day to continue to make wise choices, gain new insight and try to encourage others without being a pain in the butt. I didn't go 100% on plan until late July. I had heard about THM from a friend right after the Original book was released, but I was so doubtful that it would ever work for me. Trim Healthy Mama’s Trim Healthy Table by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison. Welcome to The Poddy: The Trim Healthy Podcast. Seriously. I found God and was saved around the age of 13. I'll take it!! So, the moral of my story...sometimes if you're stuck and can't lose, don't forget that there might be an underlying issue preventing you from losing. I now have high self confidence, positive body image, great health, and tons of energy for the first time in my life. I started THM in June 2017. Our main staples of food were potatoes, macaroni & cheese, corn on the cob, cereal, bread, bologna, hotdogs and canned salmon which I hated! I went on medicine and expected the weight to just fall off. 33: Quick Answers to your Trim Healthy Mama Questions Speed Round Time! Are you feeling tired or like you're not getting enough to eat? Size SMALL in many items. If I can do this, anyone can! This was quite a shock since I was told by my doctor that I had already gone through menopause. Finally, last summer I decided the whole family is all going to eat the same meals, no matter what .