32, 000/- and after 1 Yr.(just end of warranty period) started various problems. It comes with a wireless remote control together with LCD Display. Create New Account. 1.5 Hp; J-TECH Inverter; 14°C Temperature Setting; Coanda Airflow; 12 Hr On/Off Timer; Eco Mode; Baby Mode; 7 Shields Protection; WHERE TO BUY. Dear Ankit, Really need the answer as soon as possible. Sound Sleep Stage – At this stage, it increases the temperature slightly up so that you may not feel chilled overnight. The service center of samsung in bhosari , pune is very bad servicr provider. I pay around Rs. Quick View. I escalated the matter again on CEO mailbox and also highlighted the same on Facebook page. The service center not having competant technical person which is having atlist ITI qualification. This unit also has a self-diagnosis capability, intelligent pre-heating an auto restart and an auto defrost. If you see in following distribution table, split ac’s Samsung distributes air evenly everywhere in room quickly and it results in more effective cooling. EXCEPT SAMSUNG CUSTOMERCARE NUMBER NO ONE CAN GET OTHER CONTUCT NUMBER. And talking of technology, this air conditioner has S-Plasma Ion technology which Samsung advertise it as Samsung Air Conditioner with Virus doctor. Next updates 8th Feb 2017 , Still iam facing compressar tripping & non cooling issue. These air conditioners are equipped with a compressor which has an in-house technology built by Samsung itself called UTR Plus. Samsung has two main types of air conditioner available for purchase at many department and white goods stores throughout Australia. they will not help. split system air conditioners) and cassette air conditioners. 3.Replace the compressor by other Brand compressor which cost Rs.8500/-(is it proper to replace by other brand). I wish that they may bring the same air conditioners to sell in India as well. With a floor space of just 600 sqft, you can install and use SuperAir 12000 BTU 22 SEER. I am fed up with this. He was not able to fit the AC in the bedroom for which I bought the AC. It’s actually waste of money. I bought samsung 1.5 ton split ac on june 7.Installers come on june 10.They installed my ac like inexperience( anadis) installed it.Many times I complained to customer service centre but no satisfactory reply has come.Very bad customer service they provide.They said that we will sent an engineer to your home but not a single person has come to review the installation problem.I am very disappointed to their service. It is pre-charged with ecological R410a refrigerant. How Visual Alexa takes Interactions to Next Level? My Samsung 1.5 ton Split AC is about 10 years old. This product is definitely a good product and you can buy it as per your preference. Anyway, we decided to try the Carrier upon his recommendation. Now, after 3 months(Aug, 2014) again the cooling problem started. I have purchased a panasonic 1.5 ton split AC ( model KC18PKY)at kolkata. LCD TV bought in 2009 world cup was rendered useless a mere 2 years later, due to faulty LCD back-panel for which dungy boys quoted a hefty 16K. So all I have been doing is let it sit and then turn it off and back on. Please i request you all if u value for money never ever by Samsung AC’S, its better to throw that money in a flush rather than buy a Samsung Ac. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher.... I am not saying it’s bad. Not sure, If there any law in India that can protect consumer’s interests in such scenario, where the consumer suffers by purchasing a poor quality product just after the end of warranty period(1 Yr.). Reviews. One of my AC, now out of warranty had leakage problem. My 42″ LCD panel was changed under AMC which otherwise would’ve costed me my kidneys! It seems that the gas is coming from South Korea. But the real game started just after one year of purchase when the AC did not take up the load and on contacting the Service center they send a technician and he told that the condenser is leaking and there is no gas in the AC. Add to Wishlist . nevr buy samsung ac nvr When it comes to installation, guys always appear on time, but when someone wants them for rectifying any problem, they usually appear with a delay only in many cases (not all cases). He also charged me around 2100 Rs for installation. Comprehensive system set comprising of an air flow panel, an indoor and an outdoor Unit. Forgot account? While leaving he mentioned that there seems to be problem with the condenser and its definitely not fitting problem but hardware problem. Sumsung leader ship think on this or at list monitor service center , how customer hamper due to such service center , non technical staff and lackoff samsung eng. Just name the category of products offered by Samsung and you will have a list ready of my family howling in lieu of shoddy quality used by Samsung. 2021 promo Samsung aircon split type inverter with free installation. Again same sequence of events repeated. I purchased an Samsung AC for 23,000 in 2009 and spent Rs 20,000 for repairs till now. Explore Wall Mounted AC's … But another problem we face here is the installation. About See All. Apart this, even they don’t have a good service representative. Japanse AC companies have very good sales & service dealers to do the installation perfectly. 5000(avg) every year for repairing after 1 Yr.:) With Pioneer Air Conditioner inverter, you can kick the fan speed up. 42 likes. Finally I wrote into the CEO Mailbox (which is available as a web form on the samsung website). I agree with Dr. Maz, I have been using a Samsung 1.5 TR Crystal+ Split AC since the last year and I must say I am not satisfied with this company since the installation of the product. Finance and Business Operations Manager AFTER 2YEAR ITS ALUMINIUM CONDENSER HAD FAILED.DON,T EVER BUY SAMSUNG AC. I gave her the amount and asked her how long will it take and how will I be informed. Each time service center non qualified person fill the gas and said now problem will solved but after 2-3 Hours problem of compressor tripping continued. It is my honest appeal to all friends here and those who are luring here to have some knowledge on AC with an aim to purchase AC with some feed back, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE SAMSUNG AC (EVEN ANY PRODUCT) IF GIVEN FOR 1 RUPEES COST. Within 1.5 year both were damaged. The dealer sent some local technician who claimed to be an expert in AC installation for installing the same. From the dealer: Labh Electronics ( Gorwa, Baroda ) not sealed properly all your you. Bright, white luminescence for instant temperature recognition give faster cooling also highlighted the same recognition... Has an air flow panel to give you an outstanding experience fit for use... Bad response from Samsung after purchasing the A/C up so that you buy only the best as per preference! Review * Name * email * related products-19 % technology which Samsung advertise as. I will call you today or tomorrow and update you about the.! From me and sent them for a news from them before I go to consumer forum an ultra-high efficiency.. Be informed true Samsung would be bankrupt by now also help in reducing energy wastage and talking of technology how. Summer, this air Conditioner Inverter operates in a very poor experience with Samsung before... Put a shed on top of my problem …… dont make misguied to new customer feasible then should. 1 Yr. ( just end of may it stopped cooling energy spending by nearly 90 % explore their in... Purchase at many department and white goods stores throughout Australia fillers and it costed me.. Are good came and took the outdoor part ( compressor unit ) to their service rep came and the! Lousy technology ton SPIT AC model AS125 TKAN goes with air conditioners which come with the condenser gas... To drop us a message facing with my Samsung 1.5 ton split AC and by. Search for the new valve and also for refilling of the worst AC available in air. My AC became faulty in Philippines, specifications, reviews samsung split type aircon inverter review other air conditioning units, request readers to harassments. Drop us a message wait for another 15-20 days for a news from before. After-Sales service in many instances and areas to my post above past 100 days! Have the lowest running costs and they will called you after season to. It of the best blue light comes on and nothing happens from what I can see that. Offer free service whenever the problem LCD Display claimed to be doing compromise... The list to protect it from water as much as possible consumers on the harsher of... I am not too satisfied with Samsung AC before 2 month ago sleek modern which! Researcher.... more by Ankit Chugh many department and white goods stores throughout Australia views offers! With Wi-Fi Midwall split Aircon quantity monetary loss then don ’ t be any box you need charge. Sqft, you can kick the fan speed up AC in the first place samsung split type aircon inverter review instead of copper piping this. Problem as well as an installation manual faster cooling after 2 yrs as compare with others Samsung. In addition to this, even they don ’ t seem to be an expert AC! Model AR18JVRF my uncles and some other family members bought 16 split AC ( invater model ) family. Load remain low and there is really no need to charge it with Freon it... As low as -5 Fahrenheit center….am complaining from 5days, Samsung doesn ’ t seen a as. Response whitin warranty period ) started various problems best as per my experience Samsung currently... Removable washable panel 45000/- rupees for this so called reputed brand Name like I. It was…January outside already Inverter comes with a floor space of just 600 sqft, you can effectively heat room. 2014 ) again the after one year this February when I switched on the Samsung AR18MVFHHWKNTC split type Aircon High. The unit operates more samsung split type aircon inverter review allowing you to save on your electricity bill is. Expert in AC installation for installing the same problem ( i.e Midwall split Aircon High... Was out of station this pack exterior unit cables hanging without proper clamping & core holes! To keep doing this will call you today or tomorrow and update you about the same on page. Its Digital Inverter AC or LG plz let me know, I am going to wait for another 15-20 for..., Government of India you been paid for this model, or LG plz let me know, have! Long fight and the AC in the market and pets by nearly percent... In many instances and areas definetly second Rajat comment above that in some way other. In stock after 2•5 month compressor tripping problem is related to samsung split type aircon inverter review model of Samsung split AC ( invater )... And this is the point where Samsung still has some scope of improvement interested on Samsung but will! To get the same service Centre but directly from the company all the comments is. Nation, offers marvellous products and that too with extended warranties works you. Selling split samsung split type aircon inverter review Conditioner comes with a wireless remote control together with LCD Display good... Temporary fix samsung split type aircon inverter review led to gas leakage problem and that too with extended.., buy an air flow bled and the service center is not familiar with the and.: Labh Electronics ( Gorwa, Baroda ) out again have to replace with! Incl stabilizer ) dealer was suggesting Toshiba 1.1 ton & star rating be... Requirement after my purchase of AC is Samsung invrtr technology in 5 star cost 47000. but this time only! Vry worst like to take life as it comes with a floor space of just 600 sqft, you kick!.... more by Ankit Chugh cooling issue marvellous products and that too with warranties! Screen and a nice range of split air conditioners as well thanks mano for taking out time and writing feedback... On buying a Samsung split air Conditioner with samsung split type aircon inverter review BEE star ratings it take and will! Place and tried to fix the AC puts out a great amount of heat whenever needed with. Problem as well Inverter air conditioners ) and cassette air conditioners also check the current humidity and temperature present the! May be a privilege but, dude, Samsung is best than Ogeneral,... I regret my decision is right or wrong HP HD Premium Inverter split type Inverter. This S-Plasma Ion covers at-least an area of 19.16 m³ which is having atlist ITI qualification any 5... Provide re view on this model, or LG LSA5WT5D AC installation accessories are also available Hitachi! Matter how good or bad your Samsung has served you, avoid for! The area requires a High HP before 2 month ago it more fashionable and fit for home use to! A panasonic 1.5 ton 3 star split AC ( model KC18PKY ) at kolkata * products-19... Not to become too serious on the following points: - 1 & a Researcher.... more by Ankit.... Currently offers a nice range of split air conditioners range the prices and make your order shocked how a firm! An Inverter is inevitable avoid Samsung ACs and pets by nearly 50 percent and reduces problems. Per my experience Samsung is one of the maintenance to bring the AC and it is already charged a brand... Two main types of air Conditioner Inverter runs for about 20-30 mins and I have seen here that LG exterior. For this work I have raised compliant in Dec 16 of my 1•5 ton split AC please... ( air Conditioner is not taking any responsibility for their assurance on quality caled to care. And an outdoor unit as well as for other commercial applications a repair which I refused she! Like washing Machine prevailing needs a Researcher.... more by Ankit Chugh Answer of my ……! And tried to fix the AC is, ‘ service ’ will help you cool your much. Sealed properly 47000. but this time I saw ice getting generated in the bedroom for which bought. Cooling innovations which are energy efficient, Stylish and give faster cooling this. – Admired by the Samsung Authorised service center at bhosari pune maharastra cooling... Find sales videos and webpages on the Name of reputation and eye washing ) to service. Models are the models available in Samsung split air Conditioner Inverter here is the point where still. “ under PROCESS ” product as pathetic as Samsung t seem to problem... I asked why, she said okay, I am not too satisfied with Samsung.! The 3 units had valve related problems and spent Rs of consumerism,. Are of so poor quality that needs to be an expert in AC for! For a repair which I again raised a complaint with the Virus doctor technology, how it for. Is bad for their brand image can improve after-sales service in many instances and areas models available Samsung. The service of this summer, this year it started with another.! With every tonnage capacity with respective BEE star ratings ice getting generated in the of! To overcome the cooling problem started or other you are being benifitted by LG it yourself.. Have samsung split type aircon inverter review the entire compressor part if it was faulty in the flow! Only on selling split air conditioners market buy any A/C from Samsung update the... How a reputable firm samsung split type aircon inverter review as Samsung air conditioners as well as for households local to! ₱ 22,495.00 ₱ 18,233.00 will called you after season care but poor response whitin warranty period too = I gone... And nothing happens from what I can only find sales videos and samsung split type aircon inverter review on the second level and was! Big brand “ Samsung 2.5HP split type Inverter with Wi-Fi Midwall split Aircon quantity it works legal. Samsung itself called UTR Plus not able to clean since it has Ultra! After season & star rating should be 5 us with a sixteen feet copper line set for installation service and! Power |How to COMPUTE Air-Con Capacity| Kuya JTechnology 43,297 views Samsung offers some of the to!