Bo was mistreated in the past which has made him wary and nervous of strangers which can often result in him reacting aggressively so he MUST go to a home that has previous experience of unpredictable dogs who can be aggressive and snappy and who will be able to give him lots of time and space to settle at his own pace. Please note: We try our very best to keep the details of the dogs on this site up to date, but to make sure you have the latest updates, please visit our facebook page . I work for the GSD Rescue in Wales and I adore these dogs but there again I adore any dogs/animals as a world without animals would be a very sad place indeed! Gentle giant Ollie is a shy boy and it takes him a while to come out his shell but once he does he’s super lovely and adores a fuss. I hope with this National Black Dog Day things will improve - I/we can only hope! Gender/Age: Very well written. New Romney. Gender/Age: We are happy to get her fostered or adopted, so if interested please do ring us on 01797 366620 to discuss. Tito has had a difficult start in life after being found as a stray and it's possible he was mistreated at some point as he can be very reactive around fast movements which tend to startle him easily. He loves to play ball and loves his toys! Gender/Age: Alfie is good with other dogs but needs a calm home so we are suggesting no children. Breed: Min Pin This could indeed hamper their chances of adoption because so many dogs these days are viewed online before being visited. We are looking for a very understanding one-person adult home for Cobi with no children visiting please and no other pets. Gender/Age: Breed: He is a very happy chap and loves belly rubs, often dropping to the floor and showing you his belly. Max does get food possessive due to him being starved so will need a strict adult home and a lovely caring owner. Barbara is one of a kind and will certainly put a big smile on your face with her cheeky ways. We do have an adoption agreement that the adopter must sign at the time of the adoption. If you have a space in your heart for this big boy please give us a call. male and female, 3yrs & 2.5yrs Not an aggressive bone in his body , Copyright © 2021 D for Dog, VAT Registration Number: GB 155 1382 21, We use cookies on this website. Jack Russell She is scared by bouncy and bigger dogs. First of all, I am ENERGETIC! She loves attention and will jump up on her back legs and dance around until you touch her. Male 8yrs He is full of life and needs lots of exercise and would probably be best homed to someone who has experience of the breed. Malamute Greyhound Breed: She is a gentle giant and just loves to be around people and doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. We will also encourage you to spay or neuter at the appropriate time. Milo is very bouncy and powerful on the lead so will need a strong active owner who has the time to give him the exercise and training he needs. Monty is a such a handsome young man who would love to go to a nice new home. Gender/Age: Lots of lovely dogs currently in UK foster homes, available for adoption. Shelter all over the country deal with a common problem called BLACK DOG SYNDROME. She is strong on the lead when she wants to be so will need some training. He was originally found as a stray so we don't have much past history on him but it is possible he was mistreated as he is wary of strangers and absolutely terrified of loud noises. Out of one sailing Captain's love for the sea, his island home, and of course, his dog, The Black Dog Brand was born. Andrew Owens 7.) New Romney. Personally I have never met anyone biased against black dogs (or cats for that matter). He isn't very keen on going for walks which tend to make him quite stressed but he simply LOVES chasing tennis balls so he would be better suited to someone with a large garden or bit of land where he can safely explore and play. See more ideas about Dogs, Black dog, Dog rescue shelters. She loves attention and a fuss while showing off her tricks for a treat, however the minute she sees a lead she will freak out and start ragging the lead, not taking any attention of people. Jack Russell x Isabel Carvalho 12.) As you can see Forest is quite the character but comes with some challenging behaviour that will require a lot of hard work, time, patience and experience. Tyga is a powerful boy but he is a big baby at heart who wants to be with someone all the time. This is something that could maybe change over time with the correct training classes and devotion. Colour: Gender/Age: She loves attention and will drop and roll over for belly rubs no matter where she is. Gorgeous. Location: Clarisse is good with little dogs but could do with more socialising. Learn my Story. Babs is a big puppy. Location: I can get protective of some toys or bones so need someone who has dealt with this kind of behaviour before and because I have places to go and things to do I am very, very strong on the lead so will need someone who can handle me. Red/tan Tan and Black male, 4 yrs Sep 19, 2019 - I love the color black for dogs, do you too? Working with committed volunteers, foster homes, local veterinarians and trainers we are able to provide compassionate care for dogs in need until their forever home is found. Either way, black dogs are of course as normal, loving, unique and wonderful as any dog. Location: Patterdale x He loves to play ball which is good as he has a lot of energy. He also enjoys going out for long walks, so looking for an active home, we do advise to muzzle Ollie in public due to being an ex racer. He loves his food especially some tasty treats. Location: She will need to attend training classes and be socialised more with other dogs as she gets very excited when she meets them. She loves to be around people and loves attention. Sadly Milo has has been severely neglected, he’s is a sack of bones at the moment so he is currently on extra feeds to try and get to the perfect weight he should be. Location: He’s never lived in a home before so he's craving for a normal family life. tan and white By the way, people also often say that black dogs don't photograph very well. Breed: Breed: Gender/Age: She is very active and loves her long strolls. Male 8yrs If you have a place in your heart for this big lovably pup then please give us a call! I have a rescue black German Shepherd, wonderful temperament, very photogenic and everyone who meets him adores him. Edenbridge. Doberman Please contact us for more details. Location: Schnauzer x Donate. To think that people are bias against black dogs (cats etc) is beyond me as I really cannot see why! Colour: Gail Benoit 10.) labrador, setter and spaniel mixes. He’s a very loving dog who has so much love to offer. If you want a black Lab as a rescue dog, you will need to spend a lot of time with them and make sure that they are not left alone for long periods. Jack Russell x Bodin is good with dogs on the lead but can be dominant off lead so needs to be the only pet in the home. Our dog rescue mission stems from our desire to find a home not only for the small dogs but also for the adult ones which generally don’t stand a chance when it comes to adopt a dog. So here's my board specially for BLACK DOGS only In fact, the only disadvantage I see for a black coat dog: they suffer EVEN MORE in sunshine! Please call the New Romney branch on 01797 366620 for more information about this lovely lad. It's a day to celebrate our black furry woofers, especially those in rescue waiting for their forever homes. Male 6yrs Breed: I have a very loving cheeky side but I need routine, structure, exercise and an experienced person who knows how to deal with me. Female, 12 years Location: I have a black rescue sprocker and he is gorgeous and yes he had a few issues but nothing to to do with being a black dog all down to the treatment he received from a previous owner. Since I formed Spaniel Assist Rescue & Re-homing (non-profit organisation) in July 2015, so many spaniels have been given hope and a new life. Patricia Gonzalves 22.) Unfortunately this poor sad little lad, through no fault of his own was kicked and abused in his previous home, living day after day in constant fear, hiding and cowling away from his owner. Tyga isn't copying very well in kennels as he not used to them so is desperate for a new home. If I don't have a really good run I can get frustrated and cranky and unfortunately can take it out on whoever is nearest to me. Events; Friends of Safe Rescue; News; Happy Ever After Gallery; Contact Us; Dogs For Adoption. If you would like to know more or are interested in meeting them please call the New Romney centre on 01797 366620. Sabine Nowack 11.) Female 6-8yrs Gender/Age: Breed: We are passionate about saving dogs and puppies from high-kill rate shelters in Texas. Black Brindle Collie Colour: Breed: Diana Rumenova 16.) male, 2 yrs Grey and white Adopt a Dog. If you think you could offer Forest the right home please contact New Romney on 01797 366620 for more detailed information. He loves to cuddle up on the sofa and loves a fuss. They don't get adopted as quickly as their lighter contemporaries and, as a result, their euthanasia rates are also higher. Lurcher Bodin is a lovely big boy with a big character and like a typical Malamute he loves the sound of his own voice. Bodin needs a very experienced adult only home with knowledge of the breed and with limited visitors as he needs very slow introduction to new people. Why might this be the case? Black Dog Rescue Society BC is a non-profit rescue group of volunteers located in Canada and Texas. Edenbridge. He loves to have a cuddle and wants to you hold his paw for attention especially when he is feeling sad. Female 7-8yrs Join the pack. He needs a very active home with someone around all of the time as he doesn’t like to he left alone. All the rescues live with our frontline worker and fosterer, Elena Popa, where they are properly socialised and get plenty of human interaction with the other dogs and cats. Breed: Location: Help others find dogs for adoption, like Black Bear! Colour: I have. Female 10mths The dogcatchers wanted to kill him, so we had to stop them from doing this. Location: This causes him to become very vocal and snap when he is scared. Rescue Dog Homepage . Clarisse is ball obsessed and loves to play fletch, she really enjoys going out for her walks so needs an active home. Tan and white Labrador retrievers come in a range of colours, with yellow, black and chocolate being the main ones, and black labs are of course a very common sight in the UK. Edenbridge. Danny Boy is a lovely boy once he knows you, he has to have a female owner on a one to one basis, this is all due to him being mistreated. She walks very well on the lead plodding along at her own pace enjoying the smells but can only do a few very short walks a day so would need someone who is home most of the day to help her with her needs. Black dogs are euthanized at a horrifying rate at pounds & shelters because people pass … Gender/Age: Please note that there is not a … Gender/Age: We are looking for a quiet adult only home with someone around most of the day, they have previously lived with cats so may be fine to do so again but they will be better suited to being the only dogs in the home, especially given the fact that they will need lots of one to one training to help with their anxiety issues. Are there misconceptions about black dogs that are stopping them from being seen as good pets? Yasemin Bali 17.) If you’re looking for a new dog or cat, why not adopt one of the many adoptable pets in the UK, one of the many homeless dogs and cats waiting for someone to give them a loving home? Edenbridge. Blackdog All Breed Dog Rescue is a licensed, not for profit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned dogs from high kill shelters. Location: He is good with other dogs, although can be quite jealous if they get the attention rather than him so would be better suited as the only animal living in an adult only home. You are right Sheila, black dogs are very photogenic and have great temperaments and people do adore them, so why Rescue Centres are seeing an increase in numbers of black dogs/cats being put to sleep is very sad indeed when there is no need! We are ideally looking for someone with experience of lurchers and who has time to help Tito feel safe and settled in his new home, preferably one person on their own as he doesn't like to share his human! Colour: He is a bundle of energy and is always on the go. Monty loves to be around people and is really quite affectionate. Add dog. Chances are that we have a suitable home for every one. Without the support of its volunteers, Black Dog & Company Rescue could not fulfill its mission of saving homeless dogs. Rescue groups say that is is partly because they are less distinctive: one black greyhound looks exactly like another black greyhound, while mixed-colour dogs have more of a unique identity. She is an older girl but her age doesn’t stop her, and she is still very energetic so will still need an active home. cockerpoo BDSC... Until there are none, save one. Edenbridge. (Reserved by The Scruffy Dog Rescue and waiting to Travel) Dogs in the UK (Ready to find their forever homes) Read more. Edenbridge. Male 6-8yrs Frances is a very sweet little girl. He is a amazingly loyal dog and would get another in a heartbeat. She will need a experienced owner who is very patient who can work with her to get her use to wearing and walking on the lead. There should also be one held for cats too! Poodle Network UK are the ONLY Registered Charity in the UK for the rescue and rehoming of all sizes of Poodles. Timothy came into us with long matted hair and with obvious signs he has been neglected. Pawsonalised especially for your Rescue Dog with their name and our furbulous Dog icon! Black Dog Syndrome needs to come to an end. If you require further advice on any of our dogs, our staff are always ready to help. Puppies at six months of age will receive rabies vaccination. Black Dog Ambassador. We are dedicated to the welfare of Poodles. We asked our Deefers on Facebook to help us out. If you are adopting a puppy we may insist someone is at home during the day and that you take him to training classes. White She has the most amazing shiny Chiat and as for her temperament she has the most loving nature and lives everybody and all dogs. Give me a black dog or cat anytime, they are my favourites, along with the brown ones, white ones, mixtures ..................! Of course there is nothing at all to suggest black dogs are any different to any other dog yet there does seem to be some misconception that black dogs a have a poor temperament and are somehow meaner or more aggressive. Colour: I have a black lab who is the most photogenic & affectionate dog ever to bless my family. Koko’s previous owner passed away and other family members sadly didn’t want him. Volunteer . The sad fact is that black dogs in rescue are much more likely to be passed by. Edenbridge. Related pages: Black Russian Terrier Rescue UK Animal Rescue Frenchie x staff She will need an active home with the space for her to play in. New Romney. She loves cuddles and laying on you for attention, she thinks she’s a lap dog and she has no Idea how big she is. We care for all sizes and all ages of poodle. Bodin would make a fantastic companion to someone who has the patience and understanding of his specific needs. Please Note: We rehome in the GREATER MANCHESTER AREA ONLY at the moment and HOME CHECKS apply. Breed: White Coco is a very friendly girl. 19K likes. Dorothy is quite weary of new people and new surroundings, she gets very stressed and vocal. New Romney. He needs more socialising with other dogs as he can be reactive on lead. Akita x Edenbridge. Male 10years Does your Rescue Dog deserve a fleecy treat? Having had the honour of sharing some 12 years with an all black xcollie, and 13 years with an all black puss-cat, both of whom were virtually 'human', then maybe people who dont like black dogs and cats are utterly unaware of the magnificent qualities these coloured animals offer us. Black dogs in rescue are often the last to be adopted, often waiting a very long time for homes. Black Jill Gerew 13.) Monty is a such a handsome young man who would love to go to a nice new home. Ashley Nicole Miller 9.) Please call to find out more information about this little character. Black cats suffer the same issue. Location: 1000 Freedom Road, Smithfield, North Carolina 27577, United States (919) 437-5084 THE ADOPTED DOG WILL RESIDE IN YOUR HOME AS A FAMILY PET. Breed: Pomeranians Gender/Age: Edenbridge. Black Dog Second Chance PO Box 626 East Amherst, NY 14051 Colour: Ralph has fear based aggression when it comes to meeting people he doesn’t know or new environments. Location: Location: Once she knows you she is very friendly but only wants fuss on her own terms. Location: Read more. Black He dislikes cats, being on his own and mops/hoovers. Please read my write up very carefully as I am looking for a very experienced special adult only home. Gender/Age: Ralph is a lovely affectionate boy . Any potential adopter must be prepared to make several visits to the centre to gain Bo's trust. Female 11 years 7 months old Shop Black Dog sweatshirts, tees, dog gear and more. She will need a loving experienced home with someone to help her overcome her nervousness. We think so and now you can treat your beloved pooch to the pawfect blanket. Their beautiful coat color is one of the reasons why they are very popular rescue dogs. male, 6years Among our volunteers, fosters, and veterinarians, we provide a safe and loving haven for these dogs … or contact Jinni – – Mobile 07484333035 for further details. Monty loves to be around people and is really quite affectionate. Location: Why are we seeing Black Dog Syndrome? male, 4yrs tan Gender/Age: Colour: Or could it be that their dark fur somehow translates to human eyes, hearts and minds as less interesting or lacking in character? YOU WILL PROVIDE IT WITH QUALITY DOG FOOD, PLENTY OF FRESH WATER, INDOOR SHELTER, AFFECTION, AND AN ANNUAL PHYSICAL EXAMINATION, VACCINATIONS, & PREVENTATIVES UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF A LICENSED VETERINARIAN. Today, 1st October, is National Black Dog Day. Chocolate Lab Rescue. 1) You Tube Video (5 min) - 2) You Tube Video ( 3 min) Did You Know: The general public is not aware of how doomed black dogs are when they are brought to a pound. Her previous owner sadly went to live in a care home and couldn’t take her. Female, 4years So is best left alone when he goes into his scared state, this usually occurs when he hears loud bangs. Edenbridge. Oakwood Dog Rescue works closely with International Dog Rescue,providing UK kennel space with the goal of rescuing dogs from the terrible conditions of the Romanian public shelters. Carolina Fajar 19.) She loves wondering around and going for walks, but must be kept on lead as she has no recall and will just do whatever she pleases. Example: My German Shepherd, his coat gets hot to the touch, and he visibly seeks out shaded spots. Edenbridge. Location: An independent rescue specialising in black retriever crosses and other gundog breeds and mixes We specialise in the gundog breeds - flatcoat, golden retriever. He can be good with some dogs but needs slow socialising. She would love a loving family home with someone home all the time so she can get the attention she deserves. In the home he is like a big puppy and will follow you everywhere once he knows you. Look at some of the wonderful photos we were sent. Gender/Age: Breed: Colour: Location: This pet rescue page puts an emphasis on dog rehoming, this being the only solution to have them out of the animal shelter. Colour: Colour: Tan Colour: Male 3-4yrs She likes to chase tennis balls and be chased too. Desperate for some TLC and some cuddles on the sofa. Edenbridge. Jodie York 23.) She is sadly very overweight and this is not helping with her knees. Tri colour They must be homed together and we are looking for someone who has previous experience with nervous and anxious dogs. Adoptable Pets. Gender/Age: I have a beautiful black Labrador called Roxy and I picked her because I wanted a black dog I think they are beautiful black cats too. Once she trusts you she is very friendly and will seek affection, ear tickles are her favourite! The stigma of having black fur could have deep roots, founded in all kinds of myths, superstitions and folklore. Many of them never find homes and may have to be put to sleep. Boxer x Hello and welcome to DogWatch UK, we hope you will enjoy reading the profiles of our lovely dogs, all needing a loving home. Edenbridge. Beautiful black Labrador called Roxy and I picked her because I wanted a black dog. ADOPTION FEES are between £150 to £400 depending upon the dog’s … If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Every Forever Home is special and perfect for the dogs. Edenbridge. We are looking for a quiet, adult only home where she can enjoy the rest of her retirement. female 10-11years Female, 6 years White & Grey Not just 'likes a walk energetic' but 'wants to be on the go all day, every day' energetic! I think it is so sad. He will need a very experienced one to one, adult only home, with someone with the time and dedication that he deserves! Donation Influence; $50: Feed a dog for a year : Donate. Buster can sometimes exhibit compulsive behaviour as a stress response i.e circling if he is frightened but we have been working with him at the centre and have found he can be distracted by a treat or squeaky ball. He can be good with other dogs but can be quite dominant, especially over food and toys so may be better suited as the only animal in the home and he also has a high prey drive so will chase cats. If you are an experienced, understanding, patient person who thinks they can provide this little lad with the right home please call New Romney for a chat on 01797 366620. Gender/Age: Coffee & cream Location: Colour: Colour: chocolate I didn't realise people overlook black dogs. How you can Help us. Gender/Age: It seems that Flo is deaf as she doesn't respond to any noises or her name. She has a lot of love to give and doesn’t like to be left so will need someone in all the time. So don't over look the black dogs folks. Adopting a rescue dog allows them to have a second chance in life. Male 10yrs He loves to lay in the sun and run through water to cool himself down. I would have any colour as it makes no difference to their nature whatsoever, so why deny a creature a home just because of their colour - THINK AGAIN! New Romney. Gender/Age: White and tan Edenbridge. Switch to Cats. Once they know you they are very loving, although Manny still shows very nervous and skittish behaviour and isn't comfortable with being touched. Black is beautiful. Breed: Flo would need a a adult only experienced home with someone who can show her love and trust. Customer reviews. They don't get adopted as quickly as their lighter contemporaries and, as a result, their … Edenbridge. Most of our dogs (although not all) come from Ireland where thousands of beautiful, healthy and often young dogs are destroyed every year. Colour: Find out about our rescue dogs waiting to be adopted by their forever family.

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